Minicab insurance, digitally enabled, delivered when needed.

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Traditional insurances are expensive and the biggest cost driver, whereby they are unable to prove;
Private hire drivers are safe, you pay higher premium,
Non-fault claims when involved in an accident, you pay higher premium and
Part-time minicab drivers who do less mileage and yet, you pay higher premium.

This is unfair private hire insurance.


We are introducing driver behaviour efficiency, where we use our smart technology,
To prove how good you drive, you earn cash reward, even when you drive more,
To prove you are not at-fault in an accident, your premium will not change,
For part-time minicab drivers, you drive less, you pay less.
We help you focus on road safety and your customers.

We are making private hire insurance AFFORDABLE EASY TRANSPARENT

How TruMyle works





Pay only a small monthly fixed premium, when your vehicle is not in use. Always be protected.

With our smart claims process, we take out the headaches and make your claims experience easy.

Motor services on a monthly instalment plan.

Full Insurance Transparency.

Customer support,
always here to make your experience hassle free.

No minicab driving experience, no sweat.
Drive safe = Great savings.

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